Résumé of Damien Douxchamps

Damien Douxchamps

Damien Douxchamps (ダミアン ドゥシャン) is an out-of-the-box thinker, maker and entrepreneur with 20 years of hands-on computer vision experience in various fields such as automotive, aircraft, camera calibration, multi-touch displays, wearables and AR. He received his PhD in electrical engineering from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in 2004. He single-handedly created the world's first tru multi-touch LCD table when working at Cyberdyne. In 2013 he co-founded Augumenta, where he is now head of research. He lives in Kyoto where he spends his spare time as an artisan photographer.

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Degree Earned
2000-2004 Ph.D Thesis title: ''Multidimensional Photogrammetry of Short-Lived Events''
1993-1998 Electrical Engineer BA Studies aimed at image processing and electronics. Master thesis: ''Stereometric Reconstruction of the Free Surface Associated to a Flow over Three-Dimensional Antidunes''.
1981-1993 ''Diplome d'humanites Superieures'' Elementary and high School


2014- Co-founder and Head of Research Augumenta Human interaction, AR and industrial applications for smart glasses and other wearables.
2008-2013 Senior researcher Cyberdyne (サイバーダイン) Computer vision, multi-touch surfaces, mobile robotics, electronics. (Interview video)
2008-2009 Invited Researcher Tsukuba University (筑波大学), COE Cybernics Program Detection and tracking of faces and facial features
2006-2007 Postdoctoral investigator ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute), Department of Acoustics and Speech Research Real-time face detection/tracking
2005-2006 Postdoctoral investigator NTU, Hydrotech Research Institute Laser ranging, camera calibration, machine vision, optics, photography, 1394/linux
2005-2008 Postdoctoral investigator
Assistant Professor
NAIST (奈良先端科学技術大学院大学), Image Processing Laboratory Laser ranging, face detection/tracking, camera calibration.
2002-2004 Research Assistant UCL, Communications Lab Wake vortex signal processing within the IWAKE project.
2002-2004 Consulting Alterface Camera, IEEE1394, 3D and photography consulting
August 2001 Sonar Technician CERES and Deep Sea Exploration PLC Wreck searching in the English Channel within an expedition led by Robert Stenuit
2000-2002 Research Assistant UCL, Communications Lab Study of a mixed reality system within the ALIVE project.
1998-2000 Research Assistant UCL, Communications Lab Design of a structure-from-motion system for road monitoring applications within the MODEST project. Responsible for camera calibration, 3D reconstruction (matching,...) and daily project management.
1998-1999 Designer College Saint Pierre, Uccle Design of a low-cost, high accuracy pH-meter for college use. Modular system, all in SMD technology. 30 devices built, several sold to other schools.
1997-1998 Chief Designer JIC ASBL Design of a control system for an multi-batch automated pharmaceutical pill balance. Some pictures are available here
1994 Designer College Saint Pierre, Uccle Design of a push-first-to-win system for a local quiz-show. The system displays order of pushes and is based on high-speed asychronous pulses.
1994 Software Developer HP-Club Belgium Design of a numeric solver (MeNu) and a statistical solver ($martStat), both related to BA courses. Head of the Club in 1995.

Technical and Scientific Interests and Abilities

  • Machine vision: stereovision, dense and sparse depth estimation, laser ranging, photogrammetry, camera calibration, extreme and exotic systems.
  • Interdisciplinary research: use of machine vision in earth/ocean sciences, fundamental research and extreme environments
  • Machine vision hardware and drivers: maintainer of several open-source projects and machine vision resources (Coriander, list of IEEE1394 cameras, libvisca, libdc1394). Several contributions to the IIDC Specifications from the 1394 Trade Association.
  • Programming languages: C, C++, Matlab, basic assembly techniques for intel MMX/SSE optimization, GTK, PHP, Javascript, HTML, MySQL, Python, basic Linux admin and kernel debugging.
  • Basic machining and 3D CAD (Solidworks)
  • Analog/digital electronic and PCB design.


See my publications page.


French (native speaker), English (fluent) and Japanese (learning)