The IEEE1394 Digital Camera List

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Last update: 2017-07-12,     Current camera count: 1506

This page summarizes the uncompressed video cameras available with IEEE1394 interfaces. Uncompressed video cameras are used mostly in scientific, industrial, microscopy, machine vision, computer vision and photography applications that require real-time processing of the video stream.

Manufacturers are welcome to contact me for additions and updates. I don't have the time to regularly google the web for new cameras and manufacturers so if you want your products to be up-to-date the best is to push the info to me. Of course I also welcome information from the User Side (tm); don't hesitate to drop me a line! And remember the best gift you can make is often a good old fashioned link :-)


Recent news:

  • 2017-07-12: Updated ISG cameras
  • 2015-03-21: New icons
  • 2015-03-14: Update received from Image Solution Group (ISG)
  • 2014-11-02: Added USB3 cameras from Sentech
  • 2014-09-18: New USB3 'Chameleon' cameras announced by Point Grey Research.
  • 2014-03-06: New USB3 cameras from ISG
  • 2013-09-14: Manufacturer update I-M.

Mini-FAQ: How to choose a camera?

(This is obviously not necessary for professionals but it avoids quite a few emails for me...)

  • First check you budget. Camera prices start under USD 100 but can reach more than USD 50000.
  • Next, think about the software required to use your camera. Some cameras are compliant with the IIDC specifications wich is a good thing because standard APIs, programs and GUIs exist for them on most platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows and maybe some others). Under Linux, these cameras are the only one openly supported, thanks to libdc1394, the control library, and Coriander, the GUI. It is strongly advised to Linux users to buy a IIDC-compliant camera. Under Windows, most manufacturers provide a proprietary API, which has its pro and cons. Some vendors provide generic APIs, like Unibrain, 1394imaging and IOXperts.
  • You will then need to know what kind of resolution and framerate you want. Interface bandwidth is limited so there is a tradeoff between high-resolution and high-speed. Note that the framrate limit is often due to the sensor maximum output rate rather than the bus speed. Example: for a [1280x1024,8bpp,20MHz,B/W] camera the 1394a bus limit is 400e6/1280/1024/8=38fps(*), but it probably never reach that because the sensor is limited to 20MHz output, which leads to 20e6/1280/1024=15fps only.
  • Don't forget to check the bit-per-pixel too: maybe you don't need 10 bits accuracy. Typically, cameras are available in 8, 10, 12 or 14 bpp.
  • Think also about image quality, mostly related to optics, pixel size (bigger pixel = more sensitivity = better SNR) and sensor type (CMOS more noisy than CCD). Webcams use integrated plastic optics, wich is good for webcams but probably not for demanding applications. C-mount lenses are the standard for machine vision and video surveillance, and most users will need this lens mount. F-mount is for Nikon SLR lenses, a.k.a. Nikkor lenses. I got nice info from John Lord about C-mount lenses. You can find that here. At last, some cameras have passable glass integrated optics, like the (obsolete) Sony DFW-VL500.
  • A last thing you might consider: CMOS sensors (and some CCD but it is less efficient) have selectable 'regions of interrest' (ROI). This can increase the framerate dramatically with high-res cameras, or provide software pan/tilt by only sending an rectangular image region selected by the user. This is for instance very nice for high-res, high-speed object tracking.
  • For CMOS sensors, check that their type fits your needs: ''rolling shutter'' is very different from ''global shutter''!! (hint: most people will need global shutter). OK, a longer description: global shutter means all pixels are taken at the same time, rolling shutter means that lines are acquired one by one. The latter is usually only used for static scenes, obviously. You can see a nice explanation about this on this page from Point Grey.

(*)It is actually lower than that due to overhead and a 10% reserve for async data.

Optics Key:
  • C: C-mount
  • CS: CS-mount
  • F: Nikon SLR F-mount
  • fixed: unknown fixed focal integrated optic
  • Xmm: fixed focal integrated optic (the focal length is specified)
  • Dove: Dovetail (for optic tables)
  • SM1
  • Fiber: optical fiber coupling
  • Block: block mount
  • MF: Medium format camera back
  • N: Contax SLR N-mount
  • EF: Canon SLR mount
  • Sigma: ''SA Bayonet Mount''
  • mini: miniature lens mount
  • HC: Hasselblad mount
Standards compatibility

The standards column indicates if a camera is compatible with the IIDC/DCAM standard. Standard cameras can be used with many software packages and avoid vendor lock-in. Not every 1394 camera is IIDC compliant; in general IIDC cameras are better supported.

Features Key: (Note that some features may be optional.)
  • Cooling
  • External trigger input/output
  • Auto synchronization
  • Pan/tilt base or output
  • Selectable Region Of Interest (ROI)
  • Non-linear response (multi-slope integration, CMOS,...)
  • On-board video memory (from a few frames to full recording)
  • On-board user-programmable DSP or processor
  • Analog video out (PAL/NTSC/RGB/...)
  • Advanced features (for example, IIDC vendor specific extensions)
  • Additionnal I/O (strobe, serial/parallel,...)
  • On-chip binning (pixel binning for increased sensitivity)
  • Programmable Look-Up Table (LUT)
  • Raw Bayer pattern output (e.g. IIDC "RAW" formats)
  • Intensified
  • Autofocus
  • Heavy duty, hardened, waterproof, etc...
  • 1394B (800+Mb/s)
  • Optical fiber output (for 1394B cameras only)

The List

Manufacturer index: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Found 701 cameras

Advision SystemsTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
FC 10761394Acolor1024 x 768815CCD 1/3"C,CS
FC 12961394Acolor1280 x 96087.5CCD 1/2"C,CS
FC 64481394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CS
FM 64481394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CS
Lira 205BW1394Amono1388 x 10361410CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Lira 205C1394Acolor1388 x 10361410CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Lira 267BW1394Amono1388 x 10361417CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Lira 267C1394Acolor1388 x 10361411.5CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Lira 274BW1394Amono1624 x 12321415CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Lira 274C1394Acolor1624 x 1232148.2CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Lira 414BW1394Amono652 x 4901470CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Lira 414C1394Acolor652 x 4901450.4CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Lira 424BW1394Amono652 x 4901470CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Lira 424C1394Acolor652 x 4901450.4CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Lira 445BW1394Amono1292 x 9621423CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Lira 445C1394Acolor1292 x 9621413.1CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Allied Vision TechnologiesTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Guppy F-033B1394Amono659 x 494860CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC590€
Guppy F-033C1394Acolor659 x 494860CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC590€
Guppy F-036B1394Amono752 x 480860CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC490€
Guppy F-036C1394Acolor752 x 480860CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC490€
Guppy F-038B1394Amono768 x 492830CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Guppy F-038C1394Acolor768 x 492830CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Guppy F-044B1394Amono752 x 580825CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Guppy F-044C1394Acolor752 x 580825CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Guppy F-046B1394Amono782 x 582853CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC123500円
Guppy F-046C1394Acolor782 x 582853CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC123500円
Guppy F-080B1394Amono1034 x 779830CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC133300円
Guppy F-080C1394Acolor1034 x 779830CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC133300円
Guppy F-146B1394Amono1392 x 1040817CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC185300円
Guppy F-146C1394Acolor1392 x 1040817CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC185300円
Guppy F-503B1394Amono2592 x 194486CMOS 1/2"CIIDC123500円
Guppy F-503C1394Acolor2592 x 194486CMOS 1/2"CIIDC123500円
Guppy PRO F-031B1394Bmono656 x 49214121CCD 1/4"CIIDC81300円
Guppy PRO F-031C1394Bcolor656 x 49214121CCD 1/4"CIIDC81300円
Guppy PRO F-032B1394Bmono565 x 4921279CCD 1/3"CIIDC87800円
Guppy PRO F-032C1394Bcolor656 x 4921279CCD 1/3"CIIDC87800円
Guppy PRO F-033B1394Bmono656 x 4921285CCD 1/2"CIIDC95400円
Guppy PRO F-033C1394Bcolor656 x 4921285CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Guppy PRO F-046B1394Bmono780 x 5801262CCD 1/2"CIIDC100800円
Guppy PRO F-046C1394Bcolor780 x 5801262CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Guppy PRO F-095C1394Bcolor1280 x 7201438CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Guppy PRO F-125B1394Bmono1296 x 9661430CCD 1/3"CIIDC107300円
Guppy PRO F-125C1394Bcolor1296 x 9661430CCD 1/3"CIIDC107300円
Guppy PRO F-146B1394Bmono1388 x 10381217CCD 1/2"CIIDC159300円
Guppy PRO F-146C1394Bcolor1388 x 10381217CCD 1/2"CIIDC159300円
Guppy PRO F-201B1394Bmono1624 x 12341214CCD 5/9"CIIDC204800円
Guppy PRO F-201C1394Bcolor1624 x 12341214CCD 5/9"CIIDC204800円
Guppy PRO F-503B1394Bmono2592 x 19441213CMOS 1/2"CIIDC123500円
Guppy PRO F-503C1394Bcolor2592 x 19441213CMOS 1/2"CIIDC123500円
Marlin F-033B1394Amono656 x 4941074CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC990€
Marlin F-033C1394Acolor656 x 4941074CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC990€
Marlin F-046B1394Amono780 x 5821053CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1090€
Marlin F-046C1394Acolor780 x 5821053CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1090€
Marlin F-080B1394Amono1032 x 7781023CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC1290€
Marlin F-080C1394Acolor1032 x 7781023CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC1290€
Marlin F-145B21394Amono1392 x 10401010CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1490€
Marlin F-145C21394Acolor1392 x 10401010CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1490€
Marlin F-146B1394Amono1392 x 10401017.5CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC292500円
Marlin F-146C1394Acolor1392 x 10401017.5CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC292500円
Marlin F-201B1394Amono1628 x 12361012.5CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC360800円
Marlin F-201C1394Acolor1628 x 12361012.5CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC360800円
Oscar F-320C1394Acolor2080 x 1540126.6CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC2490€
Oscar F-510C1394Acolor2588 x 1958123.7CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC2990€
Oscar F-810C1394Acolor3288 x 2470123.1CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC3490€
Pike F-032B1394Bmono640 x 48014205CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC250300円
Pike F-032C1394Bcolor640 x 48014205CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC250300円
Pike F-100B1394Bmono1000 x 10001448CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC461500円
Pike F-100C1394Bcolor1000 x 10001448CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC461500円
Pike F-1100B1394Bmono4008 x 2672145CCD 36x24FIIDC
Pike F-1100C1394Bcolor4008 x 2672145CCD 36x24FIIDC
Pike F-145B1394Bmono1388 x 13881425CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC458300円
Pike F-145C1394Bcolor1388 x 13881425CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC458300円
Pike F-1600B1394Bmono4872 x 3048143CCD 36x24FIIDC
Pike F-1600C1394Bcolor4872 x 3048143CCD 36x24FIIDC
Pike F-210B1394Bmono1928 x 10841430CCD 1"C,CSIIDC2990€
Pike F-210C1394Bcolor1928 x 10841430CCD 1"C,CSIIDC2990€
Pike F-421B1394Bmono2048 x 20481415CCD 1.2"C,CSIIDC4990€
Pike F-421C1394Bcolor2048 x 20481415CCD 1.2"C,CSIIDC4990€
Pike F-505B1394Bmono2452 x 20541415CCD 1.2"C,CSIIDC549300円
Pike F-505C1394Bcolor2452 x 20541415CCD 1.2"C,CSIIDC549300円
Stingray F-033B1394Bmono656 x 4921484CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC139800円
Stingray F-033C1394Bcolor656 x 4921484CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC139800円
Stingray F-046B1394Bmono780 x 5801461CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC129000円
Stingray F-046C1394Bcolor780 x 5801461CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC
Stingray F-080B1394Bmono1032 x 7761431CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
Stingray F-080C1394Bcolor1032 x 7761431CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
Stingray F-125B1394Bmono30CCD C,CSIIDC139800円
Stingray F-125C1394Bcolor30CCD C,CSIIDC139800円
Stingray F-145B1394Bmono1388 x 10381416CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC313400円
Stingray F-145C1394Bcolor1388 x 10381416CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC313400円
Stingray F-146B1394Bmono1388 x 10381415CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC227500円
Stingray F-146C1394Bcolor1388 x 10381415CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC227500円
Stingray F-201B1394Bmono1624 x 12341414CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC279500円
Stingray F-201C1394Bcolor1624 x 12341414CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC279500円
Stingray F-504B1394BmonoCCD C,CSIIDC428400円
Stingray F-504C1394BcolorCCD C,CSIIDC428400円
AOS TechnologiesTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
SMIZE1394Acolor1280 x 10248500 C
SMIZE1394Amono1280 x 10248500 C
A102f1394Amono1392 x 10401215CCD 2/3"CIIDC
A102fc1394Acolor1388 x 10381215CCD 2/3"CIIDC
A601f1394Amono656 x 4911060CMOS 1/2"CIIDC999€
A601fc1394Acolor656 x 4901060CMOS 1/2"CIIDC999€
A602f1394Amono656 x 49110100CMOS 1/2"CIIDC$1475
A602fc1394Acolor656 x 49010100CMOS 1/2"CIIDC$1475
A631f1394Amono1392 x 10401218.7CCD 1/2"CIIDC259400円
A631fc1394Acolor1388 x 10381218.7CCD 1/2"CIIDC266500円
A641f1394Amono1624 x 12361214CCD 5/9"CIIDC337400円
A641fc1394Acolor1624 x 12341214CCD 5/9"CIIDC344500円
scout scA1000-30fc1394Bcolor1032 x 7781230CCD 1.3"C,CSIIDC149500円
scout scA1000-30fm1394Bmono1034 x 7791230CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC143000円
scout scA1300-32fc1394Bcolor1280 x 9601233CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
scout scA1300-32fm1394Bmono1280 x 9601233CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
scout scA1390-17fc1394Bcolor1390 x 10381217CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC227500円
scout scA1390-17fm1394Bmono1392 x 10401217CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC220400円
scout scA1400-17fc1394Bcolor1390 x 10381217CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC
scout scA1400-17fm1394Bmono1392 x 10401217CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC
scout scA1400-30fc1394Bcolor1390 x 10381230CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC
scout scA1400-30fm1394Bmono1392 x 10401230CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC
scout scA1600-14fc1394Bcolor1624 x 12341214CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC266500円
scout scA1600-14fc1394Bcolor1628 x 12361214CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC
scout scA1600-14fm1394Bmono1628 x 12361214CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC285300円
scout scA1600-14fm1394Bmono1628 x 12361214CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC
scout scA1600-28fc1394Bcolor1624 x 12301228CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC
scout scA1600-28fm1394Bmono1628 x 12361228CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC
scout scA640-120fc1394Bcolor659 x 49212120CCD 1.2"C,CSIIDC
scout scA640-120fm1394Bmono659 x 49412120CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC
scout scA640-70fc1394Bcolor658 x 4921271CCD 1.3"C,CSIIDC103400円
scout scA640-70fm1394Bmono659 x 4941271CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC97500円
scout scA640-74fc1394Bcolor659 x 4901274CCD 1.2"C,CSIIDC152800円
scout scA640-74fm1394Bmono659 x 4901274CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC146300円
scout scA750-60fc1394Bcolor752 x 480860CMOS 1.3"C,CSIIDC
scout scA750-60fm1394Bmono752 x 480863CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC
scout scA780-54fc1394Bcolor782 x 5821254CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC
scout scA780-54fm1394Bmono782 x 5821254CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC
Baumer OptronicTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
TXD031394Bmono656 x 4941290CCD 1/3"CIIDC
TXD131394Bmono1392 x 10401220CCD 1/2"CIIDC
TXD141394Bmono1392 x 10401220CCD 2/3"CIIDC
TXD201394Bmono1624 x 12361216CCD 5/9"CIIDC
TXF03c1394Bcolor640 x 4801290CCD 1/3"C
TXF081394Bmono1032 x 7761228CCD 1/3"C
TXF14c1394Bcolor1384 x 10321220CCD 2/3"C
TXF20c1394Bcolor1616 x 12281216CCD 5/9"C
TXF501394Bmono2448 x 20501215CCD 2/3"C
TXF50c1394Bmono2448 x 20501215CCD 2/3"C
C-Cam TechnologiesTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
BCi4-66001394Amono2208 x 3000125CMOS 1"CIIDC1920€
BCi4-66001394Acolor2208 x 3000125CMOS 1"CIIDC1920€
BCi51394Acolor1280 x 10241227.5CMOS 2/3"CIIDC1320€
BCi51394Amono1280 x 10241227.5CMOS 2/3"CIIDC1320€
Dagexcel V1394Acolor640 x 480875CCD 1/3"CIIDC$2000
Dagexcel V1394Amono640 x 480875CCD 1/3"CIIDC$2000
Dagexcel XL161394Amono1600 x 1200815CCD 12x9CIIDC$6000
Dagexcel XL161394Acolor1600 x 1200815CCD 12x9CIIDC$6000
Dagexcel XLM1394Acolor2048 x 204887.5CCD 15x15CIIDC$8000
Dagexcel XLM1394Amono2048 x 204887.5CCD 15x15CIIDC$8000
Desert StarTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
FrogEye1394Amono1004 x 1004830CCD 2/3"C,F,EF$14500
FrogEye1394Acolor4560 x 304884CMOS 36x24C,F,EF$18500
FrogEye1394Amono656 x 496824CCD 1/3"C,F,EF$14500
FrogEye1394Acolor1004 x 1004824CCD 2/3"C,F,EF$14500
SharkEye SC-31394Amono1004 x 1004830CCD 2/3"F,EF$12995
SharkEye SC-31394Acolor4560 x 304884CMOS 36x24F,EF$16995
SharkEye SC-31394Amono656 x 496824CCD 1/3"F,EF$12995
SharkEye SC-31394Acolor1004 x 1004824CCD 2/3"F,EF$12995
Diagnostic InstrumentsTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Spot Flex1394Amono2048 x 2048143.5CCD 1"C,F
Spot Insight Color Mosaic 2MP1394Acolor1600 x 1200149.8CCD 1"C,F$4595
Spot Insight Color Mosaic 4MP1394Acolor2048 x 2048143.4CCD 1.2"C,F$6295
Spot Insight Mono 2MP1394Amono1600 x 1200147CCD 1"C,F$4595
Spot Insight Mono 4MP1394Amono2048 x 2048143.6CCD 1.2"C,F$7295
Spot RT3 Color Mosaic1394Acolor1600 x 120014CCD 1"C
Spot RT3 Mono1394Amono1600 x 1200147CCD 1"F
FLIR SystemsTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
P6401394AIR640 x 480
P6601394AIR640 x 480
FD-1665 MS 31394Bmulti F,T
FD-1665 MS 51394Bmulti F,T
FD-1665 MS 71394Bmulti F,T
C11440-50B1394Bmono1920 x 14401245.4CMOS 1/2"C
C4742-98-26 KAD/KWD1394AXray1024 x 102416
C4742-98-26 LAD/LWD1394AXray512 x 51216
C8484-03G1394Amono1344 x 1024128.9CCD 2/3"CIIDC
C8484-05G1394Amono1344 x 1024128.9CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ImagEM X21394Bmono512 x 5121670.4CCD CIIDC
ORCA II BT10241394Amono1024 x 1024140.2CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA II BT5121394Amono512 x 512120.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA II ERG1394Amono1344 x 1024126CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA-03G1394Amono1344 x 1024128.9CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA-05G1394Amono1344 x 1024128.9CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA-D21394Bmono1280 x 9601211.2CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA-R21394Bmono1344 x 10241614CCD 2/3"CIIDC
503CWD1394Bcolor4080 x 4080160.5CCD 37x37MF$11000
H4D-200MS1394BcolorCCD 49x37HC
H4D-401394Bcolor7304 x 5478160.9CCD 44x33HC
H4D-50MS1394Bcolor8176 x 6132160.5CCD 49x37HC
H4D-601394Bcolor8956 x 6708160.5CCD 52x37HC
H5D-401394Bcolor7304 x 547816CCD 44x33HC
H5D-501394Bcolor8176 x 613216CCD 49x37HC
HV-F22F1394Acolor1360 x 1024107.53CCD 1/2"CIIDC$3625
HV-F31F1394Acolor1024 x 76810153CCD 1/3"CIIDC$4720
KP-F140F1394Bmono1392 x 10241015CCD 1/2"CIIDC$1600
KP-F83F1394Bmono1037 x 7791030CCD 1/3"CIIDC$1275
IMI Tech.TypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Han IMB-1040FT1394Amono640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Han IMB-1050FT1394Amono640 x 4801286CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Han IMB-1070FT1394Amono780 x 5801260CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Han IMB-1080FT1394Amono1024 x 7681236CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Han IMB-1140FT1394Amono1392 x 10401220CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Han IMB-1200FT1394Amono1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Han IMB-3145FT1394Amono1392 x 10401220CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Han IMC-1040FT1394Acolor640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Han IMC-1050FT1394Acolor640 x 4801286CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Han IMC-1070FT1394Acolor780 x 5801260CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Han IMC-1080FT1394Acolor1024 x 7681236CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Han IMC-1140FT1394Acolor1392 x 10401220CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Han IMC-1200FT1394Acolor1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Han IMC-3145FT1394Acolor1392 x 10401220CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Nile IMB-5040FT1394Amono640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile IMB-5080FT1394Amono1024 x 7681230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile IMB-5120FT1394Amono1292 x 9601225CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile IMB-5140FT1394Amono1388 x 10401220CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Nile IMB-5145FT1394Amono1388 x 10401220CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Nile IMB-5200FT1394Amono1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Nile IMC-5040FT1394Acolor640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile IMC-5080FT1394Acolor1024 x 7681230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile IMC-5120FT1394Acolor1292 x 9601230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile IMC-5140FT1394Acolor1388 x 10361220CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Nile IMC-5145FT1394Acolor1388 x 10361220CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Nile IMC-5200FT1394Acolor1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Nile2 IMB-4011FT1394Bmono652 x 4841288CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile2 IMB-4016FT1394Bmono1288 x 9641230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile2 IMB-4018FT1394Bmono1388 x 10401230CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Nile2 IMB-4050FT1394Bmono2448 x 20481215CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Nile2 IMC-4011FT1394Bcolor652 x 4841288CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile2 IMC-4016FT1394Bcolor1288 x 9601230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Nile2 IMC-4018FT1394Bcolor1388 x 9601216CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Nile2 IMC-4050FT1394Bcolor2448 x 20481215CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Pearl IMB-11FT1394Amono640 x 4801260CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Pearl IMB-12FT1394Amono640 x 4801260CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Pearl IMB-13FC1394Amono752 x 4801060CMOS 1/3"CIIDC
Pearl IMB-15FT1394Amono1024 x 7681230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Pearl IMB-16FC1394Amono1280 x 10241024CMOS 1/2"CIIDC
Pearl IMB-16FT1394Amono1292 x 9601225CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Pearl IMB-17FT1394Amono1388 x 10401220CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Pearl IMB-20FT1394Amono1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Pearl IMC-11FT1394Acolor640 x 4801260CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Pearl IMC-12FT1394Acolor640 x 4801260CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Pearl IMC-13FC1394Acolor752 x 4801060CMOS 1/3"CIIDC
Pearl IMC-15FT1394Acolor1024 x 7681230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Pearl IMC-16FT1394Acolor1292 x 9601230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Pearl IMC-17FT1394Acolor1388 x 10361220CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Pearl IMC-20FT1394Acolor1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Pearl IMC-30FC1394Acolor2048 x 15361011CMOS 1/2"CIIDC
VarioCAM HR1394AIR320 x 2401660
VarioCAM HR1394AIR640 x 4801660
VarioCAM HR1394AIR384 x 2881660
VarioCAM HR head1394AIR384 x 2881660
VarioCAM HR head1394AIR320 x 2401660
VarioCAM HR head1394AIR640 x 4801660
Imaging Module 1.4C1394Acolor1360 x 10241215CCD 2/3"C
Imaging Module 1.4C Cool1394Acolor1360 x 10241413CCD 2/3"C
Imaging Module 1.4M1394Amono1360 x 10241215CCD 2/3"C
Imaging Module 1.4M Cool1394Amono1360 x 10241413CCD 2/3"C
Imaging Module 11C1394Bcolor4008 x 2672144CCD 36x24C
Imaging Module 11M1394Bmono4008 x 2672144CCD 36x24C
Imaging Module 3.31394Acolor2080 x 15321218CCD 1/2"C
Imaging Module 51394Acolor2580 x 1944129CCD 2/3"C
Imaging Module 7.11394Acolor3072 x 23041211CCD 1/2"C
ProgRes C14plus1394Acolor1360 x 102414CCD 2/3"C
ProgRes C31394Acolor2080 x 1542126CCD 5/9"C
ProgRes C51394Acolor2580 x 19441221CCD 2/3"C
ProgRes C71394Acolor3072 x 230012CCD 1/2"C
ProgRes CF1394Acolor1360 x 10241413CCD 2/3"C
ProgRes CF Cool1394Acolor1360 x 10241413CCD 2/3"C
ProgRes CF-scan1394Acolor1360 x 102412CCD 2/3"C
ProgRes CT31394Acolor2048 x 15361010CMOS 1/2"C
ProgRes MF1394Amono1360 x 10241413CCD 2/3"C
ProgRes MF Cool1394Amono1360 x 10241413CCD 2/3"C
ProgRes MF-scan1394Amono1360 x 102414CCD 2/3"C
Kamera Werk DresdenTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Loglux i5 FW1394Amono1280 x 10241025CMOS 2/3"IIDC1490€
Loglux i5 FW1394Acolor1280 x 10241025CMOS 2/3"IIDC1490€
PS4-1020FW1394Amono1028 x 10081216CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC1796€
PS4-205FW1394Amono1434 x 10501211CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1608€
PS4-285FW1394Amono1434 x 10501211CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC1708€
PS40-1020FW1394Acolor1028 x 10081216CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC1796€
PS40-205FW1394Acolor1434 x 10501211CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1608€
PS40-285FW1394Acolor1434 x 10501211CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC1708€
PS40C-285FW1394Acolor1434 x 10501211CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC4218€
PS4C-285FW1394Amono1434 x 10501211CCD 2/3"C,CSIIDC4218€
Aptus-II 10(R)1394Bcolor9334 x 6000161CCD 56x36MF
Aptus-II 12(R)1394Bcolor10320 x 7752161.5CCD 54x40MF
Aptus-II 51394Bcolor5344 x 4008160.9CCD 49x37MF
Aptus-II 71394Bcolor6666 x 4992161.1CCD 49x37MF
Aptus-II 81394Bcolor7312 x 5474160.8CCD 44x33MF
Leica MicrosystemsTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
DFC290 HD1394Bcolor2048 x 153610CMOS C
DFC2951394Bcolor2048 x 153610CMOS C
DFC310FX1394Bcolor1392 x 10401220CCD C
DFC345FX1394Bcolor1600 x 12001216CCD C
DFC365FX1394Bcolor21CCD 2/3"C
DFC4501394Bcolor2560 x 1920129CCD 2/3"C
DFC450C1394Bcolor2560 x 1920129CCD 2/3"C
DFC4951394Bcolor3264 x 2448124CCD 2/3"C
IC 3D1394Acolor2088 x 1550122.5CCD 5/9"C
E1-i1394Amono1600 x 1200CCD 2/3"C,F
E1-i1394Acolor1600 x 1200CCD 2/3"C,F
E1-i-RIC1394Amono1600 x 1200CCD 2/3"C,F
E1-i-RIC1394Acolor1600 x 1200CCD 2/3"C,F
E2-i1394Amono2048 x 2048CCD 15x15MF
E2-i1394Acolor2048 x 2048CCD 15x15MF
E2-i-RIC1394Amono2048 x 2048CCD 15x15MF
E2-i-RIC1394Acolor2048 x 2048CCD 15x15MF
E31394Acolor3072 x 20482CCD 36x24MF
E3 Mono1394Amono3072 x 20482CCD 36x24MF
E41394Acolor4080 x 40800.8CCD 36x24MF
E4 Mono1394Amono4080 x 40800.8CCD 36x24MF
E4271394Acolor4008 x 26721CCD 36x24MF
E427 Mono1394Amono4008 x 26721CCD 36x24MF
E61394Amono7216 x 54120.33CCD 36x24MF
Mikron InfraredTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Mikroscan 7200V1394AIR320 x 240860
Mikroscan 73021394AIR320 x 240860
Mikroscan 74001394AIR320 x 240860
Mikroscan 7600 pro1394AIR320 x 240860
Mikroscan 7604 pro1394AIR320 x 240860
ThermalSpection 7241394AIR320 x 240830
NEC AvioTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
H26401394AIR640 x 480
TH9100MRI1394AIR320 x 240860
TH9100WRI1394AIR320 x 240860
TH92301394AIR320 x 240
TH92601394AIR640 x 480830
TS9100M1394AIR320 x 240860
TS9100MR1394AIR320 x 240860
TS9100W1394AIR320 x 240860
TS9100WB1394AIR320 x 240860
TS9100WBG1394AIR320 x 240860
TS9100WR1394AIR320 x 240860
TVS-200EX1394AIR320 x 240
NET GmBHTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
FO1224TB1394Amono752 x 4801260CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC495€
FO1224TC1394Acolor752 x 4801260CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC495€
FO124SB1394Amono659 x 4941286CCD 1/3"CIIDC747€
FO124SC1394Acolor659 x 4941286CCD 1/3"CIIDC748€
FO124TB1394Amono659 x 4941260CCD 1/3"CIIDC747€
FO124TC1394Acolor659 x 4941260CCD 1/3"CIIDC748€
FO134SB1394Amono659 x 4941260CCD 1/2"CIIDC990€
FO134SC1394Acolor659 x 4941260CCD 1/2"CIIDC990€
FO1433TB1394Amono1280 x 10241225.6CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC552€
FO1631TC1394Acolor2048 x 15361210CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC672€
FO234SB1394Amono782 x 5821263CCD 1/2"CIIDC1090€
FO234SC1394Acolor782 x 5821263CCD 1/2"CIIDC1090€
FO323SB1394Amono1034 x 7791236CCD 1/3"CIIDC990€
FO323SC1394Acolor1034 x 7791236CCD 1/3"CIIDC990€
FO323TB1394Amono1034 x 7791230CCD 1/3"CIIDC990€
FO323TC1394Acolor1034 x 7791230CCD 1/3"CIIDC990€
FO432SB1394Amono1392 x 10401220CCD 1/2"CIIDC1295€
FO432SC1394Acolor1392 x 10401220CCD 1/2"CIIDC1295€
FO432TB1394Amono1388 x 10401220CCD 1/2"CIIDC990€
FO432TC1394Acolor1388 x 10401220CCD 1/2"CIIDC990€
FO442SB1394Amono1392 x 10401220CCD 2/3"CIIDC2210€
FO442SC1394Acolor1392 x 10401220CCD 2/3"CIIDC2210€
FO531SB1394Amono1628 x 12361216CCD 5/9"CIIDC2180€
FO531SC1394Acolor1628 x 12361216CCD 5/9"CIIDC2180€
FO531TB1394Amono1628 x 12361216CCD 5/9"CIIDC1997€
FO531TC1394Acolor1628 x 12361216CCD 5/9"CIIDC1997€
ColorCube-121394Acolor1376 x 1032125CCD 2/3"C
ColorView I1394Acolor2080 x 1544125.6CCD 5/9"CIIDC
ColorView II1394Acolor2080 x 1544125.6CCD 5/9"CIIDC
ColorView III1394Acolor2576 x 193283.8CCD 2/3"C
FireView II1394Amono1376 x 1032125CCD 2/3"C
1200 HS1394Amono1280 x 102410625CMOS C22500€
1300 oem1394Amono1392 x 10401211.7CCD 2/3"C
1300 solar1394Amono1392 x 10401211.7CCD 2/3"C
14001394Acolor1392 x 10401413.5CCD 2/3"C
14001394Amono1392 x 10401413.5CCD 2/3"C
16001394Amono1600 x 12001433.5
20001394Amono2048 x 204814
40001394Amono4032 x 2688143.48
Phase OneTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Acromatic+1394Amono7216 x 5412161.1CCD 49x37MF
IQ1401394Bcolor7320 x 5484161.3CCD 44x33MF
IQ1601394Bcolor8984 x 6732161CCD 54x40MF
IQ1801394Bcolor10328 x 7760161CCD 54x40MF
P30+1394Acolor6596 x 4872160.75CCD 44x33MF
P40+1394Bcolor7320 x 5484161.8CCD 44x33MF
P45+1394Acolor7216 x 5412160.5CCD 49x37MF
P65+1394Bcolor8984 x 6732161CCD 54x40MF
Dica 1211394Amono1280 x 10241027CMOS 2/3"CIIDC
Dica 2211394Amono1280 x 10241027CMOS 2/3"CIIDC
Dica 3211394Amono1280 x 10241027CMOS 2/3"CIIDC
Inca 3211394Amono1280 x 10241027CMOS 2/3"CIIDC
Photonic ScienceTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Intensified CCD1394Aneutron1872 x 1252123CCD
Panoramic Intensified CCD1394Aneutron7488 x 2505120.7CCD
CAM-0011394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC338€
CAM-0021394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC308€
CAM-011H1394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC590€
CAM-0121394Acolor1024 x 768815CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC590€
CAM-111H1394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC740€
CAM-112H1394Acolor1024 x 768815CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC750€
PL-B741EF1394AIR1280 x 10241027CMOS 2/3"CIIDC
PL-B741F1394Amono1280 x 10241027CMOS 2/3"CIIDC129400円
PL-B742F1394Acolor1280 x 10241027CMOS 2/3"CIIDC142400円
PL-B761F1394Amono752 x 4801060CMOS 1/3"CIIDC70900円
PL-B762F1394Acolor752 x 4801060CMOS 1/3"CIIDC70900円
PL-B771F1394Amono1280 x 10241030CMOS 1/2"CIIDC116400円
PL-B776F1394Acolor2048 x 15361012CMOS 1/2"CIIDC142400円
PL-B777F1394Amono2592 x 1944127CMOS 5/9"CIIDC
PL-B778F1394Acolor2592 x 1944127CMOS 5/9"CIIDC
PL-B781F1394Amono3000 x 2208105CMOS 1"CIIDC246400円
PL-B782F1394Acolor3000 x 2208105CMOS 1"CIIDC246400円
PL-B952F1394Acolor1024 x 7681220CCD 1/3"CIIDC168400円
PL-B953F1394Amono1024 x 7681220CCD 1/3"CIIDC168400円
PL-B954F1394Amono1392 x 10401210CCD 1/2"CIIDC207400円
PL-B954HF1394Amono1392 x 10401215CCD 1/2"CIIDC
PL-B955F1394Amono1392 x 10401210CCD 1/2"CIIDC207400円
PL-B955HF1394Amono1392 x 10401215CCD 1/2"CIIDC
PL-B956F1394Acolor1392 x 10401215CCD 2/3"CIIDC311400円
PL-B957F1394Amono1392 x 10401215CCD 2/3"CIIDC337400円
PL-B958F1394Acolor1600 x 12001215CCD 1/2"CIIDC285400円
PL-B959F1394Amono1600 x 12001215CCD 1/2"CIIDC285400円
Point Grey ResearchTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Bumblebee XB3 BBX3-13S2C1394Bcolor1280 x 960815CCD 1/3"fixedIIDC535000円
Bumblebee XB3 BBX3-13S2M1394Bmono1280 x 960815CCD 1/3"fixedIIDC535000円
Bumblebee2 BB2-03S2C1394Acolor640 x 480848CCD 1/3"fixedIIDC351750円
Bumblebee2 BB2-03S2M1394Amono640 x 480848CCD 1/3"fixedIIDC351750円
Bumblebee2 BB2-08S2C1394Acolor1024 x 768818CCD 1/3"fixedIIDC430500円
Bumblebee2 BB2-08S2M1394Amono1024 x 768818CCD 1/3"fixedIIDC430500円
Dragonfly2 DR2-03S2C1394Acolor648 x 488860CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
Dragonfly2 DR2-03S2M1394Amono648 x 488860CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
Dragonfly2 DR2-08S2C1394Acolor1032 x 776830CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
Dragonfly2 DR2-08S2M1394Amono1032 x 776830CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
Dragonfly2 DR2-13S2C1394Acolor1296 x 9641020CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC$745
Dragonfly2 DR2-13S2M1394Amono1296 x 9641020CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC$675
Dragonfly2 DR2-BW1394Amono648 x 4881080CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC$695
Dragonfly2 DR2-COL1394Acolor648 x 4881080CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC$695
Dragonfly2 DR2-HIBW1394Amono1032 x 7761030CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC$775
Dragonfly2 DR2-HICOL1394Acolor1032 x 7761030CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC$775
Firefly MV FFMV-03MTC1394Acolor752 x 4801063CMOS 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC$199
Firefly MV FFMV-03MTM1394Amono752 x 4801063CMOS 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC$199
Flea2 FL2-03S2C1394Bcolor648 x 4881080CCD 1/3"CIIDC$695
Flea2 FL2-03S2M1394Bmono648 x 4881080CCD 1/3"CIIDC$695
Flea2 FL2-08S2C1394Bcolor1032 x 7761030CCD 1/3"CIIDC$795
Flea2 FL2-08S2M1394Bmono1032 x 7761030CCD 1/3"CIIDC$795
Flea2 FL2-13S2C1394Bcolor1296 x 9641230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Flea2 FL2-13S2M1394Bmono1296 x 9641230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Flea2 FL2-14S3C1394Bcolor1392 x 10401017CCD 1/2"CIIDC$995
Flea2 FL2-14S3M1394Bmono1392 x 10401017CCD 1/2"CIIDC$995
Flea2 FL2-20S4C1394Bcolor1624 x 12241015CCD 5/9"CIIDC$1495
Flea2 FL2-20S4M1394Bmono1624 x 12241015CCD 5/9"CIIDC$1495
Flea2 FL2-50S5C1394Bcolor2448 x 2048127.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Flea2 FL2-50S5M1394Bmono2448 x 2048127.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Flea3 FL3-FW-03S1C1394Bcolor648 x 48812120CCD 1/4"CIIDC
Flea3 FL3-FW-03S1M1394Bmono648 x 48812120CCD 1/4"CIIDC
Flea3 FL3-FW-03S3C1394Bcolor648 x 4881276CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Flea3 FL3-FW-03S3M1394Bmono648 x 4881276CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Flea3 FL3-FW-14S3C1394Bcolor1392 x 10321215CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Flea3 FL3-FW-14S3M1394Bmono1392 x 10321215CCD 1/2"CIIDC
Flea3 FL3-FW-20S4C1394Bcolor1624 x 12241215CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Flea3 FL3-FW-20S4M1394Bmono1624 x 12241215CCD 5/9"CIIDC
Grasshopper GRAS-03K2C1394Bcolor640 x 48010200CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Grasshopper GRAS-03K2M1394Bmono640 x 48010200CCD 1/3"CIIDC
Grasshopper GRAS-03S3M1394Bmono648 x 48874CCD 1/2"CIIDC$1195
Grasshopper GRAS-14S3C1394Bcolor1384 x 10321021CCD 1/2"CIIDC$1295
Grasshopper GRAS-14S3M1394Bmono1384 x 10321021CCD 1/2"CIIDC$1295
Grasshopper GRAS-14S5C1394Bcolor1384 x 10361215CCD 2/3"CIIDC$2495
Grasshopper GRAS-14S5M1394Bmono1384 x 10361215CCD 2/3"CIIDC$2495
Grasshopper GRAS-20S4C1394Bcolor1624 x 12241030CCD 5/9"CIIDC$1845
Grasshopper GRAS-20S4M1394Bmono1624 x 12241030CCD 5/9"CIIDC$1845
Grasshopper GRAS-50S5C1394Bcolor2448 x 20481015CCD 2/3"CIIDC$3195
Grasshopper GRAS-50S5M1394Bmono2448 x 20481015CCD 2/3"CIIDC$3195
Grasshopper2 GR2-14S5C1394Bcolor1384 x 10361230CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Grasshopper2 GR2-14S5M1394Bmono1384 x 10361230CCD 2/3"CIIDC
GX-FW-10K3M-C1394Bmono1024 x 10241470CCD 1/2"CIIDC$1995
GX-FW-28S5C-C1394Bcolor1932 x 14521226CCD 2/3"CIIDC
GX-FW-28S5M-C1394Bmono1932 x 14521226CCD 2/3"CIIDC
GX-FW-60S6C-C1394Bcolor2736 x 21921211CCD 1"CIIDC
GX-FW-60S6M-C1394Bmono2736 x 21921211CCD 1"CIIDC
Ladybug21394Bcolor1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"fixedIIDC$9995
Ladybug31394Bcolor1600 x 1200815CCD 5/9"fixedIIDC
Princeton InstrumentsTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Cascade 128+1394Amono510CCD F
Cascade 1K1394AmonoCCD F
Coolsnap cf21394A
Coolsnap ES21394A
Coolsnap EZ1394A
Coolsnap HQ21394A
MegaPlus II EC/EM/EP 160001394Acolor4872 x 3248121.6CCD 36x24F
MegaPlus II EC/EM/EP 160001394Amono4872 x 3248121.6CCD 36x24F
MegaPlus II ES 16021394Amono1536 x 1024126.2CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES 16031394Amono1536 x 1024126.2CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES 20011394Amono1600 x 12001230CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES 20201394Acolor1600 x 12001215.8CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES 20201394Amono1600 x 12001215.8CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES 20931394Acolor1920 x 10801230CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES 20931394Amono1920 x 10801230CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES 32001394Amono2184 x 1472122.5CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES 40201394Amono2048 x 20481216CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES 40201394Acolor2048 x 20481216CCD C,F
MegaPlus II ES/EC 110001394Acolor4008 x 2672125CCD F
MegaPlus II ES/EC 110001394Amono4008 x 2672125CCD F
EXi Aqua1394Bmono1392 x 10401410.9CCD 2/3"C
EXi Blue1394Bmono1392 x 10401415CCD 2/3"C
Micropublisher 3.31394Acolor2080 x 15421012CCD C
Micropublisher 5.01394Acolor2580 x 1944103.5CCD 2/3"C
QICAM1394Acolor1360 x 10361010CCD 1/2"C
QICAM1394Amono1360 x 10361010CCD 1/2"C
QIClick1394Amono1392 x 10401210CCD 2/3"C
Retiga 2000DC1394Amono1600 x 12001210CCD 1"C
Retiga 2000R1394Acolor1600 x 12001210CCD C,F
Retiga 2000R1394Amono1600 x 12001210CCD C,F
Retiga 4000DC1394Amono2048 x 2048124CCD F
Retiga 4000R1394Acolor2048 x 2048124CCD C,F
Retiga 4000R1394Amono2048 x 2048124CCD C,F
Retiga SRV1394Amono1392 x 10401211CCD 2/3"C
Rolera Em-c21394Bmono1004 x 10021434.2CCD 2/3"C
Rolera Thunder1394Bmono512 x 5121630CCD 2/3"C
Rolera XR1394Amono696 x 5201220CCD C,F
Rolera XR1394Amono656 x 5201220CCD 2/3"C
Epic1394Bcolor12100CMOS 24x16T
Red Ray1394Bcolor4520 x 25401260CMOS 24x16T$17500
Scarlet1394Bcolor12100CMOS 2/3"zoom$3000
MotionScope M11394Acolor640 x 51281000CCD F
MotionScope M11394Amono640 x 51281000CCD F
MotionScope M31394Amono1280 x 10248500CCD C,F
MotionScope M31394Acolor1280 x 10248500CCD C,F
CFW-1012C1394Acolor1024 x 7681215CCD 1/3"C$695
CFW-1012M1394Amono1024 x 7681215CCD 1/3"C$695
CFW-1312C1394Acolor1360 x 1024127.5CCD 1/2"C$995
CFW-1312M1394Amono1360 x 1024127.5CCD 1/2"C$995
CFW-1612C1394Acolor1600 x 12001210CCD 5/9"C$1295
CFW-1612M1394Amono1600 x 12001210CCD 5/9"C$1295
eVolution 75H1394Bcolor6668 x 4992160.4CCD 49x37MF$24815
eVolution 86H1394Bcolor8000 x 6000160.4CCD 49x37MF$31081
DFW-SX9101394Acolor1280 x 102487.5CCD 1/2"CIIDC$2450
XCD-MV61394Bmono752 x 4801060CMOS 1/3"CIIDC
XCD-SX901394Bmono1280 x 9601030CCD 1/3"CIIDC$1583
XCD-SX90CR1394Bcolor1280 x 9601030CCD 1/3"CIIDC$1583
XCD-U1001394Bmono1600 x 12001015CCD 5/9"CIIDC$2417
XCD-U100CR1394Bcolor1600 x 12001015CCD 5/9"CIIDC$2417
XCD-V601394Bmono640 x 4801090CCD 1/3"CIIDC$867
XCD-V60CR1394Bcolor640 x 4801090CCD 1/3"CIIDC$867
Pyrocam III1394AUV & IR124 x 1241224 2/3"
SOIOS+Alpha1394Acolor480 x 480
The Imaging SourceTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
DFK 21AF041394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC330€
DFK 21AF04-Z21394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DFK 21AF6181394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DFK 21BF041394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC390€
DFK 21BF04-Z21394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DFK 21BF04-Z2.H1394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DFK 21BF04.H1394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC390€
DFK 21BF6181394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CS
DFK 21BF618.H1394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DFK 23F2741394Bcolor1600 x 12001220CCD 5/9"C,CS,miniIIDC
DFK 23F4451394Bcolor1280 x 9601230CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
DFK 23F6181394Bcolor640 x 48012120CCD 1/4"C,CS,miniIIDC
DFK 23FM0211394Bcolor1280 x 9601260CMOS 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
DFK 23FP0311394Bcolor2592 x 19441215CMOS 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
DFK 23FV0241394Bcolor752 x 48012100CMOS 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
DFK 31AF031394Acolor1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC590€
DFK 31AF03-Z21394Acolor1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
DFK 31BF031394Acolor1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC740€
DFK 31BF03-Z21394Acolor1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
DFK 31BF03-Z2.H1394Acolor1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
DFK 31BF03.H1394Acolor1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC740€
DFK 41AF021394Acolor1280 x 960815CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC990€
DFK 41BF021394Acolor1280 x 960815CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1100€
DFK 41BF02.H1394Acolor1280 x 960815CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1100€
DFM 21AF04-ML1394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"miniIIDC300€
DFM 21BF04-ML1394Acolor640 x 480830CCD 1/4"miniIIDC360€
DFM 31AF03-ML1394Acolor1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"miniIIDC560€
DFM 31BF03-ML1394Acolor1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"miniIIDC710€
DMK 21AF041394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC330€
DMK 21AF04-Z21394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DMK 21AF6181394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DMK 21BF041394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC390€
DMK 21BF04-Z21394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DMK 21BF04-Z2.H1394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DMK 21BF04.H1394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC390€
DMK 21BF6181394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DMK 21BF618.H1394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"C,CSIIDC
DMK 23F2741394Bmono1600 x 12001220CCD 5/9"C,CS,miniIIDC
DMK 23F4451394Bmono1280 x 9601230CCD 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
DMK 23F6181394Bmono640 x 48012120CCD 1/4"C,CS,miniIIDC
DMK 23FM0211394Bmono1280 x 9601260CMOS 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
DMK 23FP0311394Bmono2592 x 19441215CMOS 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
DMK 23FV0241394Bmono752 x 48012100CMOS 1/3"C,CS,miniIIDC
DMK 31AF031394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC590€
DMK 31AF03-Z21394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
DMK 31BF031394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC740€
DMK 31BF03-Z21394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
DMK 31BF03-Z2.H1394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
DMK 31BF03.H1394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC740€
DMK 41AF021394Amono1280 x 960815CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC990€
DMK 41BF021394Amono1280 x 960815CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1100€
DMK 41BF02.H1394Amono1280 x 960815CCD 1/2"C,CSIIDC1100€
DMM 21AF04-ML1394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"miniIIDC300€
DMM 21BF04-ML1394Amono640 x 480830CCD 1/4"miniIIDC360€
DMM 31AF03-ML1394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"miniIIDC560€
DMM 31BF03-ML1394Amono1024 x 768830CCD 1/3"miniIIDC710€
Theta SystemsTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
i.CAM-hsUV1394BUV & IR640 x 48010200CCD 1/3"C
i.CAMhqM1394Amono1392 x 10401211CCD 2/3"C
i.CAMvC1394Acolor640 x 48030CCD 1/3"C,CS
i.CAMvM1394Amono640 x 48030CCD 1/3"C,CS
i.CAMxC1394Acolor1024 x 76815CCD 1/3"C,CS
i.CAMxM1394Amono1024 x 76815CCD 1/3"C,CS
Toshiba TeliTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
CS8581QF1394Bmono640 x 4808133CCD 1/3"CIIDC230000円
FireDragon CSFS20BC21394Bmono1280 x 10241020CCD 1/2"CIIDC350000円
FireDragon CSFS20CC21394Bcolor1280 x 10241020CCD 1/2"CIIDC350000円
FireDragon CSFU15BC181394Bmono1600 x 12001015CCD 5/9"CIIDC400000円
FireDragon CSFU15CC181394Bcolor1600 x 12001015CCD 5/9"CIIDC400000円
FireDragon CSFV90BC31394Bmono640 x 4801090CCD 1/3"CIIDC120000円
FireDragon CSFV90CC31394Bcolor640 x 4801090CCD 1/3"CIIDC150000円
FireDragon CSFX36BC31394Bmono1024 x 7681036CCD 1/3"CIIDC150000円
FireDragon CSFX36CC31394Bcolor1024 x 7681036CCD 1/3"CIIDC180000円
520b1394Amono640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"CIIDC599€
520c1394Acolor640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"CIIDC599€
521b1394Amono640 x 4801286CCD 1/2"CIIDC790€
521c1394Acolor640 x 4801286CCD 1/2"CIIDC790€
530b1394Amono640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
530c1394Acolor640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
550b1394Amono752 x 4801260CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC
550c1394Acolor752 x 4801260CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC
580b1394Bmono640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"CIIDC
580c1394Bcolor640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"CIIDC
620b1394Amono1024 x 7681236CCD 1/3"CIIDC950€
620c1394Acolor1024 x 7681236CCD 1/3"CIIDC950€
630b1394Amono1024 x 7681236CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
630c1394Acolor1024 x 7681236CCD 1/3"C,CSIIDC
720b1394Amono1280 x 9601220CCD 2/3"CIIDC
720c1394Acolor1280 x 9601220CCD 2/3"CIIDC
780b1394Bmono1388 x 10361230CCD 2/3"CIIDC
780c1394Bcolor1388 x 10361230CCD 2/3"CIIDC
785b1394Bmono1280 x 9601230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
785c1394Bcolor1280 x 9601230CCD 1/3"CIIDC
820b1394Amono1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"CIIDC1690€
820c1394Acolor1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"CIIDC1690€
830b1394Amono1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC
830c1394Acolor1600 x 12001216CCD 5/9"C,CSIIDC
850b1394Amono2048 x 15361010CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC
850c1394Acolor2048 x 15361010CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC
980b1394Bmono2448 x 20481215CCD 2/3"CIIDC
980c1394Bcolor2448 x 20481215CCD 2/3"CIIDC
Fire-i1394Acolor640 x 480630CCD 1/4"fixedIIDC$90
Fire-i Board1394Amono640 x 480630CCD 1/4"miniIIDC$120
Fire-i Board1394Acolor640 x 480630CCD 1/4"miniIIDC$120
Fire-i VGA Pro1394Amono640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"C,miniIIDC
Fire-i VGA Pro1394Acolor640 x 4801286CCD 1/3"C,miniIIDC
Fire-i XGA Pro1394Acolor1024 x 7681236CCD 1/3"C,miniIIDC
Fire-i XGA Pro1394Amono1024 x 7681236CCD 1/3"C,miniIIDC
Valde SystemsTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
VS1511394Bmono752 x 4801060CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC
VS17011394A640 x 4808CCD 1/2"CIIDC
CCD-10201394Amono1024 x 10241215CCD 1.3"CIIDC
CCD-110001394Amono4024 x 268083CCD 36x24FIIDC
CCD-11000C1394Acolor4024 x 268083CCD 36x24FIIDC
CCD-1300Q1394Amono1280 x 10241212.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
CCD-1300QB1394Amono1280 x 10241212.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
CCD-1300QC1394Acolor1280 x 10241212.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
CCD-1300QCB1394Acolor1280 x 10241212.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
CCD-1300QCF1394Acolor1280 x 1024825CCD 2/3"CIIDC
CCD-1300QD1394Amono1280 x 10241212.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
CCD-1300QF1394Amono1280 x 1024825CCD 2/3"CIIDC
CCD-1300QHS1394Amono640 x 512875CCD 2/3"CIIDC
CCD-1300QLN1394Amono1280 x 10241212.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
CCD-160001394Amono4896 x 326482CCD 36x24FIIDC
CCD-16000C1394Acolor4896 x 326482CCD 36x24FIIDC
CCD-20001394Amono1600 x 1200817CCD 5/9"CIIDC
CCD-2000C1394Acolor1600 x 1200817CCD 5/9"CIIDC
CCD-4000UV1394AUV2048 x 204887.5CCD 1.3"CIIDC
Videre DesignTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
DCSG1394Acolor640 x 480860CMOS 1/3"CIIDC
DCSG1394Amono640 x 480860CMOS 1/3"CIIDC
MDCS31394Acolor1280 x 960815CMOS 1/2"CIIDC
MDCS31394Amono1280 x 960815CMOS 1/2"CIIDC
STH-DCSG1394Acolor640 x 480830CMOS 1/3"miniIIDC
STH-DCSG1394Amono640 x 480830CMOS 1/3"miniIIDC
STH-DCSG-var1394Acolor640 x 480830CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC
STH-DCSG-var1394Amono640 x 480830CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC
STH-DCSG-varX1394Acolor640 x 480830CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC
STH-DCSG-varX1394Amono640 x 480830CMOS 1/3"C,CSIIDC
STH-MDCS31394Acolor1280 x 96087.5CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC
STH-MDCS31394Amono1280 x 96087.5CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC
STH-MDCS3-var1394Acolor1280 x 96087.5CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC
STH-MDCS3-var1394Amono1280 x 96087.5CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC
STH-MDCS3-varX1394Acolor1280 x 96087.5CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC
STH-MDCS3-varX1394Amono1280 x 96087.5CMOS 1/2"C,CSIIDC
STOC1394Acolor640 x 480830CMOS 1/3"miniIIDC
STOC1394Amono640 x 480830CMOS 1/3"miniIIDC
VX TechnologiesTypeColorResolutionBppFPSSensorOpticsStandardPriceFeatures
Starcam FW-31394Acolor768 x 49830CCD
Starcam FW-31394Amono768 x 49830CCD
Starcam FW-3R1394Amono768 x 49830CCD
MR11002CU-BH1394Acolor4008 x 2676143.6CCD 36x24F
MR11002MU-BH1394Amono4008 x 2676143.6CCD 36x24F
MR16000CU-BH1394Acolor4872 x 3248142.5CCD 36x24F
MR16000MU-BH1394Amono4872 x 3248142.5CCD 36x24F
MR252CC-BH1394Acolor2048 x 15361412.5CCD 1/2"C
MR252CU-BH1394Acolor2048 x 15361412.5CCD 1/2"C
MR274CU-BH1394Acolor1620 x 12201420CCD 5/9"C
MR274MU-BH1394Amono1620 x 12201420CCD 5/9"C
MR282CC-BH1394Acolor2560 x 1920148CCD 2/3"C
MR282CU-BH1394Acolor2560 x 1920148CCD 2/3"C
MR285CC-BH1394Acolor1392 x 10401425CCD 2/3"C
MR285CU-BH1394Acolor1392 x 10401425CCD 2/3"C
MR285MC-BH1394Amono1392 x 10401425CCD 2/3"C
MR285MU-BH1394Amono1392 x 10401425CCD 2/3"C
MR4021CU-BH1394Acolor2048 x 2048145.5CCD 1.3"C
MR4021MC-BH1394Amono2048 x 2048145.5CCD 1.3"C
MR4021MU-BH1394Amono2048 x 2048145.5CCD 1.3"C
MR456CU-BH1394Acolor3264 x 2448143CCD 2/3"C
MR655CU-BH1394Acolor2448 x 2050144.3CCD 2/3"C
MR655MU-BH1394Amono2448 x 2050144.3CCD 2/3"C
MRc51394Acolor2584 x 1936123CCD 2/3"C


  • The frame rate mentioned is the one obtainable at the maximal camera resolution. Smaller resolution and/or binning will usually give much higher framerates.
  • Prices are relative to the cheapest version. Color, higher frame-rate, more bpp, cooling,... will increase the price, sometimes dramatically.

Other links:

  • Linux 1394 project
  • libdc1394: IEEE1394 digital camera control library, for Linux, MacOSX and Windows.
  • Coriander: Linux GUI for controlling a digital camera..
  • The first version of this list can be found here.