Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)

Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)Reikan-ji (霊鑑寺)

A short walk from other major spots such as the Philosopher's path, Ginkaku-ji, Honen-in or Anraku-ji, Reikan-ji is not very popular for it is rarely open, only a couple of weeks per year. The temple was built in 1654 by emperor Gomizuno, who promptly made is daughter (and thus princess) the first abbess of the temple. The abbess-princess tradition continued until the Meiji restoration. Many buildings were part of an imperial palace which was located here before the temple was built but the main hall (hondo - 本堂) is more recent: it was built in 1803.

The garden in front of the main hall is typical of the Edo period with moss and a few standing stones. The depression was originally filled with water flowing from the mountain but is now dry. A couple of other gardens are located behind the main buildings, but one seems inaccessible (check the green yard on google maps). Inside the temple is a small collection of Japanese dolls (ningyo - 人形), but for a full ningyo experience you should visit Hokyo-ji (宝鏡寺) which is also closed most of the year, unfortunately.

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Rock garden in autumn, Reikan-ji temple
Stone lantern in rock garden in autumn, Reikan-ji temple
Pine ladle on tsukubai water basin with two pink flowers, Reikan-ji temple
Reikan-ji temple zen rock and moss garden
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