Kōun-ji (光雲寺)

Kōun-ji (光雲寺)Kōun-ji (光雲寺)Kōun-ji (光雲寺)Kōun-ji (光雲寺)Kōun-ji (光雲寺)Kōun-ji (光雲寺)Kōun-ji (光雲寺)

Kouun-ji (pronnounced Ko-un-ji) was founded in 1212 in Osaka, but moved to Kyoto in 1661. In Kyoto the temple used to be much larger, but was destroyed by fire (possibly during the Onin war) and only a part of it was rebuilt at the time of the Meiji restoration. The garden itself was only created in the early 20th century by famous landscape gardener Ogawa Jihei (小川治兵衛), in the chisen-kaiyu style (pond with surrounding path).

The temple was only very recently opened to the public, but only a couple of weeks per year (usually in autumn). The garden in front of the mail hall was revamped in 2009~2010. The larger garden in the back (the one from Jihei-san) has a large pond with numerous carps (koi) that are the most physically fit I have ever seen: even in late November some would jump out of the water and travel in the air for a meter or more. Incessantly. The garden can be admired from the temple buildings located on two of its sides. The west wing is for those who order a green tea/sweet set (macha and wagashi), which I would recommend as the tea is very good there. The monks were also friendly and opened the doors to let me take pictures.

Kouun-ji is a sub-temple of Nanzen-ji (南禅寺) and is located north of the latter, near the south end of the Philosopher's path (哲学の道).

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Photos of Kōun-ji:

Kouun-ji temple zen garden in autumn
Kouun-ji temple pond garden in autumn
Tsukubai water basin with red maple leaf, Kouun-ji temple
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