Sanko-ji (三鈷寺)

Sanko-ji (三鈷寺)

Sanko-ji (三鈷寺), while located near Yoshimine-dera, it not a sub-temple. It was founded in the 11th century. The best way to visit both temples is to start with Sanko-ji, which is reached by a small mountain path climbing in the forest. The foot of the path is located before the parking lot of Yoshimine-dera; look for the kanji of the temple. When you will arrive at Sanko-ji you will have a beautiful view of the city from its terrace. After visiting Sanko-ji you don't have to walk down to the parking lot, just pass the temple front gate and follow the path to your left for 50m until you reach the upper entrance of Yoshimine-dera. Depending on the season, that entrance may or may not be manned but there's a communication system with the lower gate so you'll be able to enter. Just make sure you have the exact change (500円/person).

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Nearby: Yoshimine-dera 善峯寺 (180m), Jūrin-ji 十輪寺 (1.2km)

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Water basin with bamboo ladle, Sanko-ji temple
Saying du jour, Sanko-ji temple
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