Daiun-in (大雲院)

Daiun-in (大雲院)

Daiun-in story starts in 1587, but I'm not sure about the details because there's very little information available in English. For the traveller, the most important feature of this temple is its very peculiar tower, built in 1928, which is unlike any other pagoda or tower in Japan. It was made to resemble a float of the Gion festival, as the temple is located in Gion.

While the temple is normally not open for visits, it does sometimes let people in for a week, usually in autumn. The tower, called Gion-kaku (祇園閣), then offers a commanding and unique view on Higahiyama and Gion to the lucky visitor. Inside the tower, the staircase walls are also elaborately decorated with paintings all the way up to the top.


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Photos of Daiun-in:

Kodai-ji temple and the Ryozan Kannon from Daiun-ji temple
A view of Higashiyama from the Daiun-in temple tower
Red maple trees in Daiun-in temple
A street of Higashiyama from the Daiun-in temple tower
Tourists dressed as Maiko, Higashiyama
Rickshaw in the streets of Higashiyama
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