Hōkan-ji (法観寺)

Hōkan-ji (法観寺)

Every tourist who visited Kyoto knows (or at least has seen) the 'Gion pagoda', also called 'Yasaka-no-to' (八坂の搭), but few know that there is an active temple at its foot, and rare are the ones who know you can actually enter the pagoda! It is one of the very few pagodas that you can actually enter, but unfortunately for the prospective visitor the opening schedule is rather random: it's open when... it's open. And that's it. Yes there's an official schedule at the entrance of the grounds, but of the many times I've passed in front I've only seen it open twice. Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk? :-)

Once in the pagoda you can climb to a first floor. Look up during the (steep) climb, and observe the central pillar that shoots through the floors up to the summit. This type of architecture is apparently very resistant to earthquakes, to the point where the 634m tall Skytree tower in Tokyo uses the same principle. Once on the higher floor you can see the street climbing to the pagoda through a small window. There is also a mirror placed around the central pillar 'pit' to let you look at the upper sections of the main pillar.


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