Seikan-ji (清閑寺)

Seikan-ji (清閑寺)

Seikan-ji (清閑寺) is a small temple in the heights of a narrow valley of Higashiyama. It is reached by walking along the Higashioji road (東大路通), passing under the expressway (pedestrian tunnel) and then walking up the hill. The 20 minute walk is not particularly rewarding, and the temple itself only offers a very narrow view of the city. It is probably of little interest even for temple freaks :-)


Nearby: Kiyomizudera 清水寺 (640m), Chishaku-in 智積院 (1.2km), Higashiyama Overlook 東山山頂公園 (1.2km)

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Photos of Seikan-ji:

Sacred stone in a remote temple overlooking Kyoto
Kyoto from a nearby valley
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