Namba (難波)

A maid in Den Den Town
Fast-walking salesmen in Den Den Town
Advertisement in Den Den Town
Pedestrian crossing in Den Den Town
Pink maid cafe advertisement in Den Den Town
Cafe Doll, yet another maid cafe in Den Den Town
A maid cafe in Den Den Town
Den Den Town
Shop signs in Den Den Town
Look ma! No safety!
Mini temple
Predator for sale
Preparing Takoyaki
Old memory modules
Second hand radio receivers
An escalator exit from Namba Walk
Ventilation pipes
Modern and traditional
Building with large display facade in Dotombori (道頓堀)
Electronis facade versus billboard advertising in Dotombori (道頓堀)
Crowd passing under Glico-man on a rainy day (Dotombori 道頓堀)
Glico-man, sunrise version (Dotombori 道頓堀)
Glico-man and its reflection in the river (Dotombori 道頓堀)
Neon advertising in Dotombori (道頓堀)
Dotombori street at night (道頓堀)
Dotombori (道頓堀) street at night
Lanterns in Houzen-ji (法善寺)

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