The GEEA 2006 Conference
Herve discussing with a student
The geology of the valley
Doomed house
Deformation gauge
Listening to the teacher at the GEEA 2005 conference
Deep gorge
Broken rope bridge
Sediment deposits
Students oserving rock formations
Rock formation
Volcanic cone
Sharp volcanic rocks
Members of the GEEA conference
Cutie in doline
Volcanic cone
Fossilized coral reef
Fossilized coral reef - take 2
A closeup on a fossilized coral reef
A strange rock formation
Former prison
The wall of a former prison
Old bench structure in a former prison
Decorated wall in a former prison
A hallway in a former prison
A cell in a former prison
Detail of an old prison courtyard
Entrance sign in an old prison
Mirador of an old prison
Cleaning a boat in a harbour
Sugar apple
Analog modelling
Rock spewing rock
Naturally glued rock
Geologist sampling rocks
Dirt or Rock?

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