La Sage

Coucher sur le Pigne D'Arolla
Dew on grass blade in early morning
The Pigne d'Arolla at early morning
Vache d'Herens (3/3)
Geraniums season
Smallest chalet in the village
Chapelle Saint Christophe under the fog
Sun beams over Mont de l'Etoile
Chapelle Saint Christophe (2/2)
Centre du village
Jolies provisions de bois
Dark rocks, green trees and blue sky
Vieux mazot devant les Veisivi
Morning sun on the Pigne d'Arolla
After dusk: moonlight on the Pigne d'Arolla
Sign for the tourism information office
Old advertisement for a laundry
Sign for the St Christoph chapel
St Christoph chapel (roof detail)
Dent Blanche from the St Christoph chapel
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