Tōrin-in (東林院)

Tōrin-in (東林院)Tōrin-in (東林院)Tōrin-in (東林院)Tōrin-in (東林院)Tōrin-in (東林院)Tōrin-in (東林院)Tōrin-in (東林院)Tōrin-in (東林院)

Torin-in (東林院) is a sub-temple of Myoshin-ji. It is located on the easternmost part of the grounds, at the end of a dead end alley. The temple was founded in 1531. Like many sub-temples, it was at the time a family-owned temple. The temple ownership changed to the Yamana family in 1556, at which time the temple was renamed and moved to Myoshin-ji.

The temple opens to the public only on special dates when a specific flower blooms and falls to rest on the moss. Outside of this season (end of June), it is possible to stay for the night (shukubo - 宿坊). The current head priest is a renowned master of Buddhist cuisine and it is possible to book one of his classes or enjoy a "temple food" dinner (shoujin-ryoki -精進料理) here.


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Photos of Tōrin-in:

Lantern at Tourin-in temple gates (東林院)
Sala flowers fallen on moss garden, Torin-in temple, Kyoto
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