Rinshō-in (麟祥院)

Rinshō-in (麟祥院)

Rinsho-in is a sub-temple of Myoshin-ji. It was established in 1634 by a shogun as a memorial for his foster mother. The temple has a classic karesansui (枯山水 or "dry landscape") garden, but its fame comes from two beautiful sliding door paintings that face each other in the abbot's quarters. The paintings are of dragons, a common theme in Buddhism as it is the symbol of wisdom. What makes these paintings unique is that one of the dragons is osu (雄, or male) and the other is mesu (雌, or female). It is the only painting of a female dragon that I know of; this rarity may explain why dragons have become extinct. :-)

Rinsho-in is not usually opened to visitors, but some years it will let a few in for a week or two. Unfortunately no photography is allowed past the inner gate, so you will have to google the web for the dragons' pictures.


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Photos of Rinshō-in:

Rinsho-in temple entrance
Rinsho-in temple kitchen building
Inverted flower shaped window, Rinsho-in temple
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