Daishin-in (大心院)

Daishin-in (大心院)

Daishin-in (大心院) is a sub-temple of Myoshin-ji (妙心寺). The temple was built in 1479, and seems to be linked to the fate of a famed sculptor "Sato", but I could not see the link when I visited the temple. A small but nice rock and moss garden, laid by landscape gardener Kinsaku Nakane is located in front of tea room, and more interestingly next to the building that serves as hotel for guests. "Temple lodging", known as shukubo, is available in a few temples in Kyoto (and is very common in Koya-san). It is a great way to travel and enjoy the zen atmosphere of temples since you can stay there after every tourist is gone. Plus, it means you can also be there for the best morning and evening light (if you're photographer). The food served is 100% vegetarian, but they try to make it feel and taste like meat, fish, etc. You'll be surprised!

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Photos of Daishin-in:

Cushions ready for meditation (Daishin-in 大心院)
Traditionally decorated  Japanese room (Daishin-in 大心院)
Rock river in moss garden, Daishin-in temple
Zen garden, Daishin-in temple (2/5)
Zen garden, Daishin-in temple (4/5)
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