Tenju-an (天授庵)

Tenju-an (天授庵)Tenju-an (天授庵)Tenju-an (天授庵)Tenju-an (天授庵)Tenju-an (天授庵)Tenju-an (天授庵)

Tenju-an was founded in 1337 as a commemorative temple for the founder of Nanzen-ji, priest Daiminkokushi. The life of those early buildings was short though, with destructions in 1447 and again during the Onin war in 1467. The temple was reconstructed only during the 16th century.

The first garden is near the main hall and is very popular during the autumn, when its maple trees acquire flaming colours. Its design is of the karesansui type (dry landscape - 枯山水). The footpath made of large square stones that passes in the white sand is one of the few things remaining from the original temple of 1337. The second garden (also known as south garden or lower garden) is reached from the end of the first one, after passing under a small wooden gate (watch your head!) It is overlooked by the study, and organized around two ponds populated by koi carps. It is thought to also date back to the temple's origin, albeit with some modifications done here and there. The path circling the pond has an interesting split-style wooden bridge, for example, that was designed in the later Meiji era (late 19th century). Obviously, it was re-built several time as the freshness of its wood shows.

As a bonus, a third small stone garden ("Kyuko" garden) can be accessed from the path just south of the study. It is much more recent and faces an ugly concrete building. There's a large washbasin there, with a small green frog waiting patently for several years to jump in the water :-)

Tenju-an is a temple to visit in autumn. Definitely worth braving the crowd to see it!

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Photos of Tenju-an:

Zen garden in autumn (Tenja-an 天授庵)
Wooden bridge across pon in zen garden (Tenja-an 天授庵)
Temple terrace in autumn (Tenja-an 天授庵)
Pond with koi carps in autumn, Tenju-an temple
Tenju-an temple buildings in autumn
Watching fiery autumn colors in Tenju-an temple
Zen garden with pond in autumn, Tenju-an temple
Autumn colours in rock and moss zen garden, Tenju-an temple
Tourists watching autumn colours in Tenju-an temple gardens
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