Nanzen-in (南禅院)

Nanzen-in (南禅院)Nanzen-in (南禅院)Nanzen-in (南禅院)Nanzen-in (南禅院)Nanzen-in (南禅院)Nanzen-in (南禅院)

Being a sub-temple of Nanzen-ji, Nanzen-in (南禅院) shares part of its history and was also founded when emperor Kameyama converted a palace into a temple at this location. The current temple buildings were built in 1703 after the previous construction was destroyed in the Onin war.

Nanzen-in's name is very close to its "mother temple" Nanzen-ji, and as both "-in" and "-ji" mean "temple" the meanings are very similar too. In fact, "ji-in" (寺院) is used as a generic name for temples in Japan, even though the "ji" (寺) is sufficient. "-in" (院) is used in many other words though, such as hospital "byou-in" (病院), simply because the original meaning of "-in" was "tall wall/fence surrounding a group of building". Anyway...

To reach this sub-temple, simply take the stairs that climb behind the aqueduct. The garden consists in three parts: a moss surface in front of the temple hall, a pond in the back of the garden and a path that circles the pond. The garden is simple and minimalist, and is also quiet for most tourists go see Nanzen-ji and the more popular sub-temples. Adding to this feeling is the fact that the temple is closely surrounded by the forest, which makes its precinct visually shrink.

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Terrace and moss garden, Nanzen-in temple
Nanzen-in temple garden
Nanzen-in temple garden
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