Konchi-in (金地院)

Konchi-in (金地院)Konchi-in (金地院)Konchi-in (金地院)Konchi-in (金地院)Konchi-in (金地院)

Konchi-in (金地院) is a sub-temple of the more famous Nanzen-ji (南禅寺), in the north of Higashiyama, or at the extreme south of the Philosopher's path, if you prefer. The temple was founded in the 15th century by shogun Yoshimochi Ashikaga, then later restored in the 17th century. The abbot's chamber was moved from Fushimi Castle to its present location.

The temple is well know for its "crane and turtle garden", the rock garden in front of the abbot's building. Of course spotting the meaning of the rocks is nearly impossible, but the zen garden is very nice indeed. Before the garden is reached, a path leaves the front yard and goes around the left of the small pond (with the torii). This path leads to various other buildings of the temple, before reaching the famed garden.

Contrary to Nanzen-ji or some of its other sub-temples (Tenju-an (天授庵), Nanzen-in (南禅院)), Konchi-in is not very popular among the unwashed masses and makes a nice breathing spot during the overcrowded high season.

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Photos of Konchi-in:

Tiles on roof crest in autumn (Konchi-in 金地院)
Maple leaf on bamboo well cover (Konchi-in 金地院)
Bamboo well cover in zen garden, Konchi-in temple, Kyoto, Japan
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