Eishō-in (栄摂院)

Eishō-in (栄摂院)Eishō-in (栄摂院)Eishō-in (栄摂院)Eishō-in (栄摂院)Eishō-in (栄摂院)Eishō-in (栄摂院)Eishō-in (栄摂院)Eishō-in (栄摂院)Eishō-in (栄摂院)Eishō-in (栄摂院)

Eisho-in (栄摂院) is a temple located in the Kurodani area, close to Konkaikomyo-ji. The temple is not open to the public, and I am not aware of any special visits except for a few days in the autumn of 2010, although there must be some according to some photos found here and there on the net. Normally, only the front yard can be seen from the street. According to Google Maps the temple has a beautiful dry landscape garden (karesansui - 枯山水). The temple also seem to have another pronunciation for its name (Eisetsu-in).

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Photos of Eishō-in:

Stone lanterns and rhododendron bushes, entrance of Eisetsu-in temple
Entrance of Eisetsu-in temple
Entrance of Eisetsu-in temple
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