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Yuzu for sale
Entrance of Larry Ellison estate
Traditional merchant's house, Kyoto
Traditional merchant's house, Kyoto
Countryside in Kyoto
Front garden of an old house, Arashimaya
Stone lanterns in garden
Local temple map
Local sightseeing map in Kyoto City
Decorative pavement in the bamboo producing region of Kyoto
Main hall doors, Sekiho-ji
Vending machine next to a small shrine with jizo statues, Gion
Two kimonos
Kimono belt detail
Ornamental mailbox in the shape of a traditional Japanese house
Old facade detail
Pilgrim statue
Pilgrim statues at night
Massive wooden door of a temple
Kyoto from the hills
Sunset over Kyoto Tower from Kiyomizudera 清水寺
Geisha sign
Old beef shop
Food plates in an isakaya
Multiresolution flowers
Little garden
Traditional bamboo jar for sake
Nice restaurant
Toji station
Cats for sale in the streets
Flowers in a covert street market
Electricity is in the air
Kurama Onsen