Kaizan-dō (開山堂)

Kaizan-dō (開山堂)Kaizan-dō (開山堂)Kaizan-dō (開山堂)Kaizan-dō (開山堂)Kaizan-dō (開山堂)Kaizan-dō (開山堂)Kaizan-dō (開山堂)Kaizan-dō (開山堂)

Kaizan-do is a generic name for the hall of a temple where the statue (or remains) of its founder or first priest are enshrined, the other more specific names for this location being Joraku-an (常楽庵) or Fumon-an (普門院). The current building was erected in 1823 after a fire destroyed the older four years earlier.

The path leading to the main hall separates the front garden in two distinct zones. On the left is a chessboard-like, raked-sand area with few other features. This very dry design contrasts with the much greener right side which is a moss garden with numerous azaleas and a couple of stone bridges crossing a little pond. The presence of azaleas makes this place particularly beautiful in early summer (late May to early June).

The hall is on the other side of the famous bridge of Tofuku-ji and requires the special "bridge + kaizan-do" ticket that you can buy at the booth right before the bridge.

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Main hall entrance (Kaizan-do 開山堂)
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