Kōbun-tei (好文亭)

Kōbun-tei (好文亭)Kōbun-tei (好文亭)Kōbun-tei (好文亭)Kōbun-tei (好文亭)Kōbun-tei (好文亭)

Kobun-tei is one of the nicest tea rooms of Kyoto. It's part of Shoren-in and is open during the spring and autumn high seasons. Sencha or maccha is served alternatively (daily basis). The staff is very friendly and will sometimes let you have a second helping for no extra cost :-)

You will notice that the tea room looks very new with it still blond wood. The structure is indeed relatively recent ('60s?) and replaces another older tea house that burned down. The clear wood and beautiful paintings enhance the tea experience and I would strongly recommend you pay the extra 1000 yen to have a little break there during your visit to Shoren-in.

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Kobun-tei tea room in Shoren-in temple, Kyoto, Japan
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