Evening tea ceremony (冬の夜の茶会)

Evening tea ceremony (冬の夜の茶会)

This event is organized by Kodai-ji every year in later winter, hence the name (lit. "winter evening tea ceremony"). While the aspects of tea ceremony were only briefly introduced, the "package" also includes the evening meal of temple-inspired food in a nearby restaurant. You also have access to the gardens at night when Kodai-ji is empty of its hordes of tourists.

Nearby: Ryōzen Kannon 霊山観音 (140m), Entoku-in 圓徳院 (150m), Daiun-in 大雲院 (170m), Nene No Michi ねねの道 (230m), Tōkei-ji 東景寺 (260m), Chōraku-ji 長楽寺 (260m), Hōkan-ji 法観寺 (330m), Kongō-ji 金剛寺 (370m), Yasaka-jinja 八坂神社 (380m), Chion-in 知恩院 (460m),...Satellite view, Map

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