Daitō-in (大統院)

Daitō-in (大統院)

Daito-in is a small sub-temple of the Kennin-ji temple complex. The temple was founded by a disciple of Muso Soseki (夢窓 疎石), Seizan Jiei (青山慈永, 1302-1369). The temple burned twice, around 1540 and again in 1924. The last fire left only the front gate standing.The main hall was rebuilt between 1930 and 1950. Finally, a zen garden was laid in 2009. Its design is from Kitayama Yasuo (北山安夫), who created several other gardens in Kyoto. The garden is named "Koun-en" (耕雲庭), which translates roughly into "garden of the cultivated cloud".

As far as I know the temple was never open to the public before its new garden was built, hence photos and visit reports are not common. Moreover, the temple is only visitable during special opening days (only a few per year). The main point of visiting the temple is its garden (but that may be my personal opinion here...). The layout is modern with a chessboard pattern of large stones and moss, reminiscent of the hojo garden of Tofuku-ji, itself designed by the famous Shigemori Mirei. The garden is so recent that it doesn't show up on Google Maps (as of 2012).

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