Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)

Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)Nobotoke-an (野仏庵)

A little secret autumn gem! Located just up the street from Shisendo (which will be very packed in autumn!), Nobotoke-an is usually deserted and quiet. A perfect visit to rest a little away from the crowds. Crowds that you will see through the bamboos in Enko-ji from Nobotoke-an, as the two temple properties are actually touching.

The visit is cheap (500Y) and includes tea. The temple is particularly nice in autumn when fallen leaves cover every inch of the garden. The latter is built on a steep slope and is a bit 'messy' but does have character. Nobotoke-an boasts several tea rooms and houses, I'm not sure how many (5, 6?); quite impressive for a temple built on such a restricted area and steep slope.

The small rock garden also has a nice wisteria but as with every wisteria you'll have to carefully pick your day if you want to see it.

Note that Nobotoke-an opening days are a little restrictive: Wednesday and weekends if I remember correctly.

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