Hōdō-ji (宝幢寺)

Hōdō-ji (宝幢寺)

Hodo-ji (宝幢寺) is a small local temple in the north-east of Kyoto. While not a any tourist map, the maple here do offer nice colours to the visitors in autumn. A few jizo (地蔵) statues with funny poses can also be found here and there on the premises. Hodo-ji can be a stop if you do the walk from Shisen-do to Renge-ji but your day will be already very packed so it's probably not really worth it.

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Nearby: Renge-ji 蓮華寺 (430m), Sekizanzen-in 赤山禅院 (490m), Shūgaku-in Imperial Villa 修学院離宮 (770m), Rurikō-in 瑠璃光院 (820m), Zenka-in 禅華院 (840m), Miyakehachiman-jingū 三宅八幡神宮 (1km), Kansai Seminar House 関西セミナーハウス (1.1km)

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Photos of Hōdō-ji:

Small statue of praying monk (Hodo-ji 宝憧寺)
Temple name plate (Hodo-ji 宝憧寺)
Metallic post cover (Hodo-ji 宝憧寺)
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