Sekihō-ji (石峰寺)

Sekihō-ji (石峰寺)

Sekiho-ji is a relatively recent temple whose construction started in 1704. The temple was repeatedly destroyed by fire, most recently in 1915 and 1979. It has the particularity of having two Chinese-style gate, which is not very common for Japanese temples (another example is Shofuku-ji (崇福寺) in Nagasaki).

The temple had 500 jizo (地蔵) statues on its grounds, but 20~30 years after the temple was built a landslide wiped them. After WWII, the head priest recovered most of the statues and put them in their current setting, spread in a bamboo grove.

Note: not many pictures here, for I arrived at closing time ;)


Nearby: Hōtō-ji 宝塔寺 (230m), Fushimi Inari-Taisha 伏見稲荷大社 (380m), Kōmyō-in 光明院 (1km)

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