Daikōmyō-ji (大光明寺)

Daikōmyō-ji (大光明寺)

Daikomyo-ji is a sub-temple of Shokoku-ji, and maybe the only one that can be visited, albeit only on special occasions. The temple was founded in 1339 as a hermitage, then converted to a temple when its owner died. The temple fell in disrepair, and was rebuilt by Hideyoshi in 1594.

The temple has two gardens. The front one can be seen from outside even when the temple is closed as the big heavy doors remain open most of the day. The other garden is located in front of the main hall (本堂). It is a large karesansui garden (dry landscape - 枯山水) with a style close to the one of Ryoan-ji.

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Pilgrims, Daikomyo-ji temple
Rock garden, Daikomyo-ji temple
Main temple hall and its rock garden, Daikomyo-ji temple
Rock garden entrance, Daikomyo-ji temple
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