Ikutanike Jūtaku (生谷家住宅)

Ikutanike Jūtaku (生谷家住宅)

This private residence of the Ikutani family is only open exceptionally. The current building dates back from 1911 and is in quite good shape for his age. The original house was destroyed a couple of times by fire in 1788 and around the mid-nineteenth century. The Ikutani family's business was vegetable wholesale and so that their house is often named Yoruzuya (万や) after their shop's name (that's the name mentioned on Google maps...) For the occasion the owners brought out many interesting items like old katana (the real deal!) scrolls and books but the interior gets a bit busy, especially when there's a "do not touch" sign in front of every item. And a "watch your head" sign on every doorway and low ceiling. A bit annoying for taking nice pictures but hey that's part of the game. Otherwise the place is very photographer friendly so I guess it compensates :-)

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