Okochi Sansō villa (大河内山荘)

Okochi Sansō villa (大河内山荘)

Okochi Denjiro (大河内 傳次郎) was a very famous and wealthy actor of the silent movie era. Okochi built his estate until his death in 1962. Being a big admirer of the Zen philosophy, the grounds of his villa include many elements like tea room, small gardens and perfectly positioned brushes and stones.

The villa is now open to the public and, being located on a mountain side, offers nice views of Kyoto and the Arashiyama district. To appreciate the view it is best to go on a clear day with good visibility, which in Japan means winter. The gardens, however, are best visited in autumn or early summer, like most place in Kyoto.

The entrance of the villa is not easy to find for first-time Kyoto visitors. It is located at the end of the bamboo alley, where the road forms a T junction.

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Photos of Okochi Sansō villa:

Tea room in the Okochi Sanso villa, Kyoto, Japan
Gate on snowy Japanese garden, Okochi-sanso villa, Kyoto
Winter in Okochi-sanso villa, Kyoto
Winter in Okochi-sanso villa, Kyoto
Tea room in winter, Okochi-sanso villa, Kyoto
View on snow-covered Japanese garden, Okochi-sanso villa, Kyoto