Nison-in (二尊院)

Nison-in (二尊院)Nison-in (二尊院)Nison-in (二尊院)Nison-in (二尊院)Nison-in (二尊院)

Nison-in (二尊院) was built around 840 under the patronage of Emperor Saga in the western hills of Arashiyama. Nison-in enjoyed a very good reputation and was one of the four temples that had mastered the court formalities to a point where it could host imperial Buddhist ceremonies. An illustration of this high status is the San-Tei Ryo, a cemetery containing the graves of three emperors: Tsuchimikado, Gosaga and Kameyama.

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Temple name plate, Nison-in
Stone garden, Nison-in temple
Bamboo fountain, Nison-in temple
Bamboo fountain, Nison-in temple
Jizo statue, Nison-in temple
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