Daihō-in (大法院)

Daihō-in (大法院)

Daiho-in (大法院) is a sub-temple of Myoshin-ji (妙心寺), and one of the few where pictures can be taken.

Daiho-in was founded in 1625 as a family temple for the Nobuyuki clan. Its main feature is a hall overlooking a moss garden (of the roji type). A nice tea house can also be visited. The temple is only open to the public during the high seasons of autumn and spring.

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Photos of Daihō-in:

Traditional Japanese tea room (Daiho-in 大法院)
Hall with view on zen garden in autumn, Daiho-in temple
Tsukubai water basin, Daiho-in temple
Stone lantern in moss garden, Daiho-in temple