Misc (その他)
Other temples (その他お寺)
Other temples
Food (料理)
Food (料理)
Special noren (暖簾)
Special noren (暖簾)
Other shrines (その他神社)
Other shrines
Sign of a strange bar
Traditional hotel facade at night
Japanese sweets in shop display
Old local restaurant in Kyoto
Humorous sake vending machine
Old traditional sweets and rice crackers shop
Traditional bridge and granary
Traditional house facade
A narrow street Kyoto
Ivy covered stone lantern
Demon painting at restaurant entrance
Rice field before harvest
Rice field before harvest
A vending machine for vegetables in Kyoto's countryside
Vegetables in vending machine in Kyoto's countryside
Scarecrows on rice fields, Kyoto countryside
Bicycle in front of a traditional merchant's house, Kyoto
Old boat with traditionally packaged goods
Carved calabash, Kyoto

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