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Found 24 cameras

C11440-50B1394Bmono1920 x 14401245.4CMOS 1/2"C
C4742-98-26 KAD/KWD1394AXray1024 x 102416
C4742-98-26 LAD/LWD1394AXray512 x 51216
C8484-03G1394Amono1344 x 1024128.9CCD 2/3"CIIDC
C8484-05G1394Amono1344 x 1024128.9CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ImagEM X21394Bmono512 x 5121670.4CCD CIIDC
ORCA II BT10241394Amono1024 x 1024140.2CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA II BT5121394Amono512 x 512120.5CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA II ERG1394Amono1344 x 1024126CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA-03G1394Amono1344 x 1024128.9CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA-05G1394Amono1344 x 1024128.9CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA-D21394Bmono1280 x 9601211.2CCD 2/3"CIIDC
ORCA-R21394Bmono1344 x 10241614CCD 2/3"CIIDC
503CWD1394Bcolor4080 x 4080160.5CCD 37x37MF$11000
H4D-200MS1394BcolorCCD 49x37HC
H4D-401394Bcolor7304 x 5478160.9CCD 44x33HC
H4D-50MS1394Bcolor8176 x 6132160.5CCD 49x37HC
H4D-601394Bcolor8956 x 6708160.5CCD 52x37HC
H5D-401394Bcolor7304 x 547816CCD 44x33HC
H5D-501394Bcolor8176 x 613216CCD 49x37HC
HV-F22F1394Acolor1360 x 1024107.53CCD 1/2"CIIDC$3625
HV-F31F1394Acolor1024 x 76810153CCD 1/3"CIIDC$4720
KP-F140F1394Bmono1392 x 10241015CCD 1/2"CIIDC$1600
KP-F83F1394Bmono1037 x 7791030CCD 1/3"CIIDC$1275


min: max:
Image width
Image height
Frame rate
Bits per pixel
Price [EUR]
Features Key: (Note that some features may be optional.)
  • K: Cooling
  • XIO: external trigger input/output
  • SYN: auto synchronization
  • PTB: pan/tilt base
  • ROI: selectable Region Of Interest (ROI)
  • NLR: non-linear response (multi-slope integration, CMOS,...)
  • MEM: on-board video memory
  • DSP: on-board user-programmable DSP or processor
  • VID: standard video out (PAL/NTSC/...)
  • ADV: advanced features
  • AIO: additionnal I/O
  • BIN: on-board binning
  • LUT: programmable LUT
  • RBO: raw Bayer pattern output.
  • INT: intensified
  • H: heavy duty, hardened, waterproof, etc...
  • ST: Stereo vision (two or more sensors)
  • OEM: development board or for OEMs, research,...
  • OF: optical fiber output

Searching guide:

  • manufacturer: choose as many as you want. The field is OR'ed.
  • color: idem. IOW, you're not looking for a camera that can do both color and monochrome but for cameras that can do either color OR monochrome.
  • optic: idem. C, CS, F, ...
  • features: this field is AND'ed: if you select several items it means that you want ALL items to be in your camera.
  • sensor type: same as color: OR'ed. Choose between CCD, CMOS, NMOS, 3CCD, etc...
  • sensor size: same as color: OR'ed. The size is in millimeters if the width and height is provided (e.g. 36x24); it's in inches for the image circle diagonal (e.g. 2/3'').
  • sensor number: idem. Most camera have only one sensor, but stereo cameras can have 2 or 3 and we even list a multi-sensor panoramic camera.
  • obsolete: select if you want to search obsolete cameras, current cameras or both. Note that you have to check yes AND no to get both obsolete and current cameras. 'Yes' is not enough.
  • model: you can look for a particular camera model.
  • image size: which resolution you want. integers only.
  • bits per pixel: integers only.
  • frame rate: the maximum number of frames per second at the maximum resolution. Float.
  • price: maximum price, in EURO. The table will display in different currencies but only one currency is accepted as input. It will be converted internaly using approximate exchange rates.

At last, you don't have to fill any field. Blank fields will not be used for searching.